May Day: Get Working, Avoid the Stress! Deadline to Register is Tomorrow at 3 PM

If you are planning on taking the 2019 American Board of Family Medicine Exam  this November you still have some time to register for the exam! However, this is a good time to get a jump on preparing for the exam that you will be taking this November!

Around the World May 1st is “May Day” or International Workers Day.

Mayday is also a phrase used around the world to indicate that a ship or plane is in immediate life threatening danger. When this phrase is broadcast by radio it is an internationally recognized call for help.

Putting it all together, get “working now” and you won’t have to sound the May Day alert this fall. Time is now on your side to get started!

If you would like to begin with the Pediatric Section feel free to download the sample Vignette from our 2019 Laughing Your Way Clinical Vignettes QA Set

Clinical Vignettes QA Booklet Sample Pages

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